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Graffiti Module

The graffiti reporting and tracking module has several features. The module allows the public to report instances of graffiti, including location, reporting party and property owner information, and photographs. The database is secure, and searchable by members of your agency. This module can be effective in tracking graffiti by location and moniker for prosecution purposes. The module can be set up to automatically notify appropriate agencies such as public works, PG&E, etc. for cleanup. You may also track which instances of graffiti have been cleaned up, and sort by public or private property.

  • Custom Fields
  • Easy Reporting by Public
  • Secure Database
  • Searchable Database
  • Authorized Users can Edit Monikers
  • Sort by Field
  • Email Notification
  • Email Confirmation to Reporting Party
  • Graffiti Clean-Up Tracking
  • Clean-Up Cost Tracking

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