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Web site Design

At Alex Holm Web Services, web site design is the foundation. We pride ourselves in creating custom web sites for public safety organizations of all sizes. We understand that each organization is unique, and should have a custom web site to suit it's individual needs.

Alex Holm has an extensive knowledge in law enforcement and public safety, as well as modern web site design practices.

In today's society, web sites, social networking, and electronic media can be the backbone of the community policing approach to police work, and is essential in communicating effectively with the public.

Web sites designed by Alex Holm Web Services may include the following features:

  • Detailed Design Plan Prior to Production
  • Custom Programming
  • Custom Graphic Design
  • Web site Maintenance
  • Custom Database Programs

Dynamic Modules

Press Release Management

Easily post press releases to your web site through a secure module. The latest headlines can be displayed on your front page, and an archive in your full news page. Headlines are automatically added to an RSS feed, and submitted to news sites such as Google News. Easily share press releases on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. You may also send notifications to a list of subscribers to an email list.

Automated Email Subscription

Easily maintain an automated email list available to the public. Members of your community may subscribe to your email list for notifications such as new press releases, newsletters, or even emergency alerts.

Custom Forms and Form Management

Allow the public to submit common forms via your web site Forms may range from requests for a copy of a police report, to vacation home check requests, and more. Form submissions are stored in a secure database. The database is easily accessible by authorized users. Submissions can be searched, exported to various formats, and printed. Read/write access can be controlled, based on your specific needs. Specific "views' can be set, depending on the privileges of the authorized user.

Wanted/Missing Persons

A user friendly system that allows authorized users to maintain a list of "Most Wanted" and "Missing" persons. Any information, including photographs, can be displayed directly on your web site You may place the "Top 5", or a random set of images on your main page, and view the full set on another portion of your web site

Graffiti Reporting and Tracking

The graffiti reporting and tracking module has several features. The module allows the public to report instances of graffiti, including location, reporting party and property owner information, and photographs. The database is secure, and searchable by members of your agency. This module can be effective in tracking graffiti by location and moniker for prosecution purposes. The module can be set up to automatically notify appropriate agencies such as public works, PG&E, etc. for cleanup. You may also track which instances of graffiti have been cleaned up, and sort by public or private property.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why create your own frequently asked questions, when you can answer the public's questions directly! This module allows the public to submit questions. The un-answered questions are stored in the module. Once the question is answered, and approved by the appropriate personnel, it may be added to your frequently asked questions page automatically. You may add, remove, or update answered questions at any time.

Custom Module

We are constantly designing new dynamic modules, and can in many instances create a custom module upon request.

For questions or a detailed quote, please contact Alex Holm.